Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to the Fun-a-Day House

It's 2014, and five months have passed since my last post. So much has happened. We had another month of travel in July and August to IL, PA, MA, AK, NY, NH-- and landing, finally in our new state of Vermont in late August. Since arriving in East Montpelier, we've unpacked (mostly), gotten work (well, one of us), planted garlic, started school, begun planning. I've traveled and retreated in CT and NJ.  My dad got a kidney transplant. We've hosted guests from NC, OR, MA, RI, PA. We've hosted two gatherings-- for Winter Solstice and New Year's, and one tag sale in the middle of December. A lot has happened.

And we continue to dream. I've dreamt of this blog, of the work of hands, heart, and mind that I want to share. I've dreamt of the farm and community project we are birthing up here, on this land. We've dreamt of having another child. I've dreamt of the families, the people who can benefit from this space, as a place of healing, as a place of good food, fun for all, and real purpose. And those people are you.

So enough dreaming, now it is time for doing. The very fine folks at Art Clash host, yearly, Fun-a-Day. Of course, this collective comes out of West Philadelphia, what we name as our ancestral homeland. Wherever we live, Philadelphia will be near and dear to our hearts.  I have committed to doing Blog-A-Day. For the month of January, I will write a blog post a day, with the hope of getting back into the swing of things with writing and reaching out for the extended community that we need to make our dreams reality. I am inspired by artists who do this project, and others who do more extreme projects (check out Jay Sand).

And what will I write about? Who knows, it's always a mystery what comes out. What I want to share is the work up here, the hope of what can happen when we seek to live differently. What will happen, as I steal minutes from parenting and household-keeping, will be the adventure that is Fun-a-Day.

And if YOU are inspired by this idea, you can participate in Fun-a-Day, too! Find the show nearest you, sign up, and send your art in to the show to share what you have done. It's wonderful to connect with other creative-minded folks, and to experience the community of folks stretching their busy lives to make space for art.

Happy New Year, and Happy Fun-a-Day to you!

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